I graduated from Farmington high school in 2005 at the age of 18 and I really had no idea what I was going to do as far as a career so I started working with my father doing electrical. Things began to get slow and they laid me off and I was not really upset because I felt it was not really for me.

I was about 19 when this happened, shortly after I started doing residential framing as a carpenter for a company out of canton, again things got slow so they laid me off.

I then ended up working building decks with my friend's dad. I really enjoyed wood framing, the tools we used and the structures we built. What really was fascinating was the fact that the first day we arrived there was nothing but dirt and when we were finished with our work scope there was a beautiful structure.

I wanted more of this so my dad helped me get into the union as carpenter local 687 in 2007. I worked my way with apprenticeship and became a foreman at the age of about 27 (the youngest foreman in the company). I enjoyed the construction and the art so much I couldn’t get enough that I filled my brain with as much knowledge as I could as fast as I could.

At the age of 29 (2015), I started up Elite Builders hoping to one day become a company and contractor that has good craftsmanship, leadership, etc.

In September 2018 things went for a turn. It was unexpected but we needed up running Elite Builders full time.

We are now trying to build an empire of wonderful subs, clients, friends, employees, etc. to handle every individual need (if capable) from residential to commercial.