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At the young age of 10, my father and I constructed my very first treehouse. It was then that my father realized my passion for building structures and knew that I was destined to pursue this path. Ever since that moment, there hasn't been a day where I haven't had a tool in my hand, ready to create something new.

I completed my education at Farmington High School in 2005, and soon after, I began honing my carpentry skills by assisting my friend's father in building decks.

Passionate about the craft, I eagerly absorbed every bit of knowledge in my reach. At the age of 20, with the support of my father I gained entry into the Carpenters Union, Local 687.

Starting as an apprentice, I steadily progressed, eventually taking charge of projects by the time I turned 24. In 2011, Jennifer, my high school sweetheart and I were married.  Our firstborn son, Landon, arrived in 2013.

Several years passed before I mustered the courage to embark on my entrepreneurial journey in December 2015, uncertain of where it might lead. Juggling my job at the union, I diligently acquired tools and equipment,  driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. In the same year, our family welcomed our second son, Nathan, and in 2018, we relocated to the Fenton area. Little did we know that this pivotal year would forever alter the course of our lives.

Elite Builders LLC transitioned into a full-time operation dedicated to completing both residential and commercial projects. From the humble origins of a home basement and storage units, I handled all the necessary paperwork.

Having worked for numerous commercial general contractors, it became clear that our commitment to continuous improvement fostered a culture of quality craftsmanship, teamwork, communication, and cleanliness. These principles became our signature Certified Elite Process, the cornerstone of our operations. These principles weren't just limited to our work with the company; they extended to how we interacted with our family and friends.

The expansion of Elite Builders LLC came with the expansion of our family; something we had been yearning for. Our wish came true in 2021 when we welcomed our third and final son, Kaiden.

In 2022, we discovered a new home for our business—an unprecedented office space that incorporates a warehouse in Howell near Hartland. 

This exceptional location has provided us with a home base for steady growth as we cultivate invaluable relationships with contractors throughout the industry.

When we are not at work we enjoy motocross, football, 4-wheeler rides, beach outings, trail riding, camping, fishing, and hunting. We highly value the time we spend together and consider ourselves fortunate to have incredible individuals who support us in both our personal and professional endeavors, enabling all our adventures to come alive.


Matt Stevens
Amanda Dennis
Janice Lamb
Administrative Assistant